Thursday, May 10, 2007

skipping lunch

  • Almost Bikini Season--Check.
  • Helping out without a lot of effort---Check.
  • Adding points on the good karma side --Check.
  • Balancing out your rediculous hundreds of dollars of tenjune, the box, and socialista bar tabs --Check.
  • All for less than 1/4 a shirt at Intermix --Check.

Since you can't lunch @ chumley's, there is yet another reason to participate in City Harvest's Skip Lunch event on May 16.

$5 can help feed 2 children for a week
$10 helps feed a child for a month
$25 takes care of the summer

For more information click here

The $$ stays LOCAL and it truly is a great cause!

The people 4 saving chumley's will be participating.

We expect you shall do the same?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great CAUSE! Keep it up! Thank you for the suggestions SCers!