Monday, May 7, 2007

New York Times' Article on Chumley's

Wow...what a weekend. The New York Times writes up a nice little article about where all the Chumley's customers have gone in wake of the closure.

What they fail to mention is that hopefully they are coming here..lurking in the background waiting for their moment to proclaim their love for Chumley's.

Come know you want to.

The NYT lists McSorley's and White Horse Tavern as possible Chumley's client hangouts. While we continue our quest to bring Chumley's back we'd be interested in knowing where you lurkers are hanging out.

There are favorites in the West Village---never comparable---but nonetheless there are other places where we hope you are grabbing a beer and talking (like we are) about the Chumley's days. Where are those places for you?

As to Mr. Greg Garcia---we really do not appreciate the New Jersey reference.

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