Friday, July 6, 2007

2009, puhlease.

We were just told by some Chumley's insiders that some idiot put up a blog posting somewhere in the world about Chumley's not opening until 2009.

Way to fuel a completely inaccurate fire. The 2009 permit has been on the building for quite some time, as has the scaffolding...which was way before the chimney collapsed. The permit is for the residential construction above and has nothing to do with Chumley's.

Perhaps Batali is right...Bloggers SHOULD be more responsible....or in this case, at least read the permit.

The Resurrection.

We know, it has been awhile.

We have been off in our own little West Village world, patiently waiting and championing for Chumley's.

We are back to bring you some exciting news....Chumley's will open around September/October. In other words....just in time for you to cozy up in a booth and thank God that Chumley's is back over a pint and a muffin burger.

The countdown has begun.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

bacon + eggs

while we were busy working with our block association, having conversations with the 80 Bedford Block Residents who have taken up camp outside of Chumley's in lawn chairs telling tales of yester year, and continuing to campaign to bring back your Chumley's as quickly as humanly possible (with all due respect, we are sick of the burgers elsewhere!) a lot has been going on in the NYC world of the West Village....
  • Central Kitchen closed (thank GOD, at least temporarily) Overpriced Food that isn't that good doesn't fly on 7th Avenue South, where cheap Mexican reigns supreme
  • Marc Jacobs started plotting his next (and yes that is his 3rd) store on Bleeker Street
  • Birdbath brings in some awesome new chocolate to the 'hood
  • Waverly Inn opened its garden
  • West Village resident SJP launched a new line Bitten, the only reason why we EVER would travel to the Manhattan Mall (gasp!)
  • We found, taim, the best damn falafel in the village (better yet... make that Manhattan...and it is KOSHER!
And Phoebe Damrosch decided to write a tell-all about Per Se. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Village, the only reason why we bring it up is because Per Se is about the farthest place in comparison from Chumley's. Modern, Clean, Sterile, Uber-Expensive, lodged in the TWC which is like the antithesis of any block in the West Village. Yes, it is the polar opposite of our greatest love...yet we still can't help but occasionally go there.

Perhaps it is because at the core, as Damrosch writes on her blog, everything is bacon and eggs.

"After I left Per Se, a former colleague passed along a story that the chef told the staff. If you want to understand commitment, he explained, all you have to do is look at the American breakfast of bacon and eggs. The chicken was involved, but the pig was committed. "


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

and the Winner is...

For reasons beyond our knowing this tops the charts, at 3 sold, as the #1 seller! Trend followers jump on this band wagon and celebrity readers (we know at least 1 of our 5 readers are famous) wear this to your next head shaving event. Oh and P.S. in regards to the comment on wholesale, the site we are using does not offer this to our knowledge.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

skipping lunch

  • Almost Bikini Season--Check.
  • Helping out without a lot of effort---Check.
  • Adding points on the good karma side --Check.
  • Balancing out your rediculous hundreds of dollars of tenjune, the box, and socialista bar tabs --Check.
  • All for less than 1/4 a shirt at Intermix --Check.

Since you can't lunch @ chumley's, there is yet another reason to participate in City Harvest's Skip Lunch event on May 16.

$5 can help feed 2 children for a week
$10 helps feed a child for a month
$25 takes care of the summer

For more information click here

The $$ stays LOCAL and it truly is a great cause!

The people 4 saving chumley's will be participating.

We expect you shall do the same?

Monday, May 7, 2007

New York Times' Article on Chumley's

Wow...what a weekend. The New York Times writes up a nice little article about where all the Chumley's customers have gone in wake of the closure.

What they fail to mention is that hopefully they are coming here..lurking in the background waiting for their moment to proclaim their love for Chumley's.

Come know you want to.

The NYT lists McSorley's and White Horse Tavern as possible Chumley's client hangouts. While we continue our quest to bring Chumley's back we'd be interested in knowing where you lurkers are hanging out.

There are favorites in the West Village---never comparable---but nonetheless there are other places where we hope you are grabbing a beer and talking (like we are) about the Chumley's days. Where are those places for you?

As to Mr. Greg Garcia---we really do not appreciate the New Jersey reference.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

kindling the campfire

another reader has spoken:
Anonymous said...
Don't really know if I have a SPECIFIC memory ,per se. I guess there are so many. I've lived in the W.V. since I graduated from NYU in 98 and I've loved every minute of that neighborhood.The Bedford/Grove/Barrow block is in my opinion the best in NYC. I've had so many great first dates, last dates, beers with college buddies, meeting old friends--new friends at Chumley's that no single one is the best. They are all special in their own way. It was a special place. Regardless of what happens, it will ALWAYS be a special place. I am looking forward to many more beers and burgers as soon as it reopens.Kudos for starting this site. I look forward to many more memories being shared. Who's next?

kumbaya my team, kumbaya